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GRAND OPENING! - Vernissage de Timothy Davies & Michelle Naismith

Opening Feb. 7 / 6 to 10 pm

Celebrate the GRAND OPENING! of TONUS,
as a continuous and passive contraction.
As a place where men go.
As matriarchs and nurses dress up to visit the forest or the quarry.
As approaching a subject as a character,
a character who nonetheless takes part in
- and yet is tied to -
or maybe a sexual persona.
As naples Yellow,
as wine tasting,
as urine testing,
as wine tasting,
as stock photography.
As "here we can forget the multifarious concerns of the world",
like a health insurance plan leaves behind feelings of dread,
like a black radish rids our guts of hunger and heaviness.
As calm is related to relaxation,
and is related to a certain comfort in nothingness,
As selbstandige
(en tant qu'indépendant).
As assisted living.
As agency is a pun for business.

The Ister is pleased to announce GRAND OPENING! at TONUS - a new space for contemporary art in Paris' 15e arrondissement - with an exhibition by Timothy Davies and Michelle Naismith.
Though formally diverse, Davies' and Naismith's practices are thematically tight-knit. In GRAND OPENING! both artists explore individual agency in bureaucracy, health, and masculinity. Theirs is a position that psycho-analyses their male subjects like one might scrutinize a fine wine. It is a position that is as sensual as a pseudo-erotic novel, or a cinematic film that isn't meant to arouse (but nevertheless does).

In GRAND OPENING, Timothy Davies offers a series of sculptures that form, bit by bit, a language of visual symbols. A picture of Daddies, paternity tests, stock photography, and a touch of 50 Shades of Grey slowly unfolds onto a table. Meanwhile, Michelle Naismith's narrative short film Institute des Arques acts as a crumbling yet oddly peaceful reportage of a men's convalescent home, with its sole spokeswoman being the institute's matriarch, a bewigged Naismith herself. As she extolls wisdom on nutrition and character-building, Naismith's wards - a group of silently obedient men - perform acts of creativity and asceticism (drawing a faux-corpse, chiselling away at a hunk of marble, eating a black radish) under the strict supervision.

Timothy Davies (born 1983 in London) lives and works in Berlin. Along with his current solo exhibition at Sandy Brown (Berlin, February 2014), his recent exhibitions include Continental Breakfast at Limoncello (London, 2013), Two's Company at Clarence Mews (London, 2012), and Gif at Sandy Brown (Berlin, 2010).

Michelle Naismith (born 1967 in Glasgow) lives and works in Brussels. Solo exhibitions include Ancestral Unemployment at Komplot (Brussels, 2011), Liberator House at FRAC Pays de Loire (Carquefou, 2011), and Feel the Hollow at Musée des Beaux Arts de Nantes (Nantes, 2007).

GRAND OPENING! - Vernissage de Timothy Davies & Michelle Naismith
Location: TONUS
4, rue de la Procession
75015 Paris
Mobile : +33 (0)6 66 88 94 33
Mail :
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Date: Friday, February 7, 2014
Time: 18:00-22:00 CET

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