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Vernissage de Franyo Aatoth "Naturellement, ceci est une pelle"

Vernissage de Franyo Aatoth "Naturellement, ceci est une pelle"

Exposition jusqu'au 8 Septembre

Galerie 55Bellechasse is pleased to announce his latest work "Naturellement, ceci n'est plus une pelle!", a solo show by franyo aatoth from August 8th to September 8th.

On that occasion, franyo aatoth shows 19 "oil sketches" on canvas he used as a preparatory work for his big size watercolor calligraphies on papers.
At the same time, he will be exhibiting 7 "spade landscapes" to introduce his hurted paper series.

Franyo aatoth is a Hungarian born artist living both in Paris, France and Thailand (Hua Hin district). The multi-talented artist is a painter and creator of exceptional graphic works. In the late seventies upon his arrival to Paris, he became friend of Victor Vasarely, Yvaral and collaborated for 5 years with the sculptor Ervin Patkaï. As a conceptual image graphic designer, he created numerous visual graphics for a French renowned rock group "Noir Désir". His creations included album's covers, theatrical scenery etc. Franyo aatoth is greatly interested in languages of the world. He is an author of the famous "Dictionary for traveling Barflies" in 18 languages, 8 editions between 2000 - 2011. Aatoth is an active artist whose works were shown in Europe, America and Asia. His solo exhibitions were held predominantly in Paris, Budapest, Chicago, Munchen, Canton - Republic of China, UB - Mongolia etc. Apart of working and living in Paris, he has installed a workshop in the forest near Hua Hin bordering Thailand and Myanmar a few years ago. Franyo aatoth is an artist who has a strong sensibility for the social problems - treated with humor, enriched by the touch of the nature. He kept his Hungarian identity, and at the same time he worked on his Asian origins.

Vernissage de Franyo Aatoth "Naturellement, ceci est une pelle"
Location: Galerie 55Bellechasse
55, rue de Bellechasse
75007 Paris
M° Solférino, Varenne
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Date: Thursday, August 8, 2019
Time: 18:00-21:00 CEST

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