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Vernissage de Sorin Câmpan "La lune et autre chose"

23 NOV. - 11 JAN. 2020

Galerie Hussenot is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of the Romanian artist Sorin Câmpan (born 1940, lives and work in Cluj, Romania).
The exhibition engages and seeks to reevaluate the work of a remarkable painter active in Romania from 1970 up to today.
The works visualize a double removal: during his career his work was produced at a distance from the official artistic establishment of the '70s and '80s, and have not succumbed, like many of their contemporaries, to a mimetic rehearsal of international models after '89. In the majority of cases, the paintings never left the studio, and were undervalued, both culturally and economically, after 1989. We are proposing this new series of paintings as possible landmarks in a yet-unwritten history of the Romanian art scene, but also as models of artistic and social behavior.
Sorin Câmpan's works achieve their appearance of simplicity via a series of detours and through a nuanced reflection on the instruments of painting. Their enigmatic articulation demands a patient reading: simple images like nocturnal landscapes or still lives with fruit are pretexts to localize mystery, to subject it to a kind of order, which does not coincide with its translation or explanation. Beyond the always surprising dosage of transparency and secrecy, the quality of the painting - the austerity of means and the often-exuberant chromatics - make Câmpan a remarkable artist. Less visible but whose art continues to address us, Sorin Câmpan stands apart not by the size or number of works, but by his genuine, calm investigation of and with the medium of painting.

Vernissage de Sorin Câmpan "La lune et autre chose"
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Date: Saturday, November 23, 2019
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