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Vernissage de Heidi Specker et Germaine Krull "Bangkok"

Vernissage le 10 Novembre de 17h à 21h
Exposition du 11 novembre au 8 Decembre 2007
mardi/samedi 14h - 19h


In the exhibition Heidi Specker exports her visual language to views of Bangkok's cluttered environment, pairing her own photographs from 2005 with classic images of sculpted Buddhas taken by Germaine Krull, a German war correspondent, photographer and manager of the Oriental Hotel, who lived in Thailand from 1947 to 1966. She paired her studies of oriental mouldings covered by metal grates, smog-filtered concrete motorway flyovers or layers of cables criss-crossing concrete façades with Krull's images of Buddhas, from th collection Ann and Jürgen Wilde. Specker is bringing us closer to resurrecting the displaced Westerner in the Far East who seeks order in the rigid, anthropological archiving of the often damaged or crumbling statuettes.

For the artistbook Specker found a formal concept to bring the different languages - Krull's from 1950s and Speckers from 2005 - together. In one group, a photograph of a slender Buddha in the lotus position sits beside Specker's view of a rooftop swimming pool. The image is less a panorama of the city than a palimpsest of abstract patterns: the ripples in the pool, its square ceramic tiles and the opaque green windows of the building behind it. Next to these cityscapes Krull's Buddhas transcend serial documents of conventional 'exotic' beauty; they endow Specker's images with an element of portraiture, providing faces where façades have none.

An interview with Ankana Kalantananda, who knew Germaine Krull personally and is still living in Bangkok, and a fictional letter from the artist to Germaine Krull complete the book.

BANGKOK HEIDI SPECKER GERMAINE KRULL was published 2005 on the occasion of the exibition in the Sprengel Museum Hannover and published by Ann and Jürgen Wilde.

Texts: Ankana Kalantananda and Heidi Specker.

Edition: 600 numbered copies (300 German, 200 English, 100 French)

In memory of Germaine Krull, Ann and Jürgen Wilde, along with Heidi Specker, will donate the proceeds from this artist's book to Tibetan refugees in India.

GERMAINE KRULL (1897-1985)
Germaine Krull led an extraordinary life that spanned nine decades and four continents. She witnessed many of the high points of modernism and recorded some of the major upheavals of the twentieth century. Her photographs include avant-garde montages, ironic studies of female nudes, press propaganda shots, magazine picture stories, and some of the most successful commercial and fashion images of her day. Krull's "Métal" series of industrial details abstracted and celebrated industrial forms in a manner that transformed the work of her French avant-garde contemporaries. Her political commitments led her from Communist allegiance to incarceration in Russia as a counter-revolutionary, to support the French resistance against Hitler, to ownership of the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok and a final reclusive existence among Tibetan monks in India.

Heidi Heidi Specker's photography questions the relationship between construction and deconstruction in the process of creating the image. In her latest series, "Bangkok", Specker has returned to the nature of photography, once again exploring photographic models in images in which urban spaces and the prolific vegetation they contain are completely divorced from narrative moments. The visual joy in Specker's photographs recalls the work of Albert Renger-Patzsch in beguiling color compositions. Architecture and nature meld together to form graphically composed scenes of energetic luminosity.

Heidi Specker was born in Damme, Germany, in 1962. She studied photography at the University of Applied Sciences, Bielefeld and then at the Hochschule für Buchkunst und Grafik in Leipzig. Her work has been shown in several exhibitions, including at the Haus der Kunst, München, Sprengel Museum Hannover and Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg. She was nominated for the Discovery Award at the Rencontres Arles this year.
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