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VIDEO FOREVER 19 "Video Birds"

Paul Ardenne, author of How I am a Bird (2014), will introduce the screening, which is linked to the exhibition "The Stolen Bird/The Bird Has Flown" (L'Oiseau Volé, Galerie Vanessa Quang, Paris 3è, opening September 6).

Animals have been part of artistic expression since time immemorial. From the Palaeolithic age to the present day, animals have always accompanied man's aesthetic conceptions and representations of the world. From the holy ibis of pharaonic Egypt to the winged companions of Saint Francis of Assisi to Brancusi's The Cock, birds have always occupied a privileged position among the artistic forms inspired by the animal kingdom, as they do in that kingdom itself. The animalisation of artistic expression represents both a tribute and a strategy, with the bird playing a role that is both cognitive and symbolic. Watching it live, appropriating its images or its feathers, man works out his own position among living beings, while consolidating his dominion.
The use of the bird figure by contemporary artists is like contemporary art itself: diverse, diffracted, multiform and open. Far from the traditional stereotypes of freedom, lightness, travel or romanticism associated with the bird, it now serves contemporary artists' more general ambition to probe the essence of life, whether biological, ecological or political. And not to forget the music...

How to explain my love of birds? People have asked me so often to justify this love. What can I say? I love, that's all there is to it. Paul Ardenne

With videos by Morteza AHMADVAND, Janet BIGGS, Charley CASE, Gino DE DOMINICIS, Cedrick EYMENIER, Laurent Fiévet, Shaun GLADWELL, Robert GLIGOROV, Joël Hubaut, Abbas KIAROSTAMI, Léa LE BRICOMTE, Stephanie Lempert, Fernando PRATS, Jean-François ROBIC, Julien SERVE, Milja VIITA, Justene WILLIAMS.

The conference and screening is to be followed by a drink offered by the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature.

Entrance is free ; registration mandatory : please email to

Special thanks to : Isabelle & Conrad Lemaître, France ; Stefan Bohnenberger (Germany) et Olivier Jamoulle (France) ; Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney, Australia ; Catalyst, Katherine Hannay Visual Arts Commission, Australia ; Artspace Sydney, Australia ; MUMA (Monash University Museum of Art), Australia ; SCAF, Sydney, Australia ; Gallery Joan Prats, Barcelona, Spain ; AV-arkki, Helsinki, Finland ; Vanessa Quang, Paris, France ; Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris, France.
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Date: Wednesday, September 3, 2014
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