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Vernissage de Blair Chivers "Life is Great"

L'artiste canadien présente une nouvelle série d'éditions avec Each x Other, des coques iPhone Goo.ey, une bougie air de colette et une feutrine de DJ exclusive pour colette. Blair Chivers sera présent à la galerie du 5 au 16 avril, de 15h à 18h pour des live screening. Vernissage le 5 avril à 18h.

curated by Each x Other

Opening April 5 from 6 - 7.30pm

Live screenings
from April 5 - April 16, 2016
Blair Chivers will be live screening in the gallery 3pm - 6pm
from Monday until Saturday

Exhibition from April 4 - April 30, 2016
Blair Chivers is a Canadian artist whose work explores power; particularly the power of the mind and emotion. For Chivers, engaging with art can stimulate ideas, broaden perspectives, and increase our sense of possibility. It can be a powerful tool for observing and understanding the creative interplay of thought and feeling.

In his myriad projects, Chivers situates his work within the tradition of conceptual art, embracing the art historical theme of identity and engaging with a form of critique in reframing, redefining and disrupting traditional expectations about art. Despite their simple appearances, each work contains multiple layers of meaning, referencing diverse but interrelated ideas in fashion, art history, and cultural commentary.

The words that Chivers uses are designed to inspire contemplation. "Believe". "Envision and Prepare". "Live Out of Your Imagination Not Your History". "Wow!". On the surface, each word, sentence, and quote seems uplifting, but that's not strictly true. Words can mean the opposite of what they seem. One key to understanding the power of the creative mind lies not in the meaning of the words but in how they feel and resonate. Chivers' art doesn't aim to shift the viewer's mood, but rather to offer the opportunity to engage with art while feeling good. That's playing with power! Art can be an effective amplifier, but the source of the power lies within the viewer.

It is quite natural that observing, understanding, and shifting perception takes time and practice. And practice means repetition. Chivers sees this as one of the great strengths of art. While we read a book and move on to the next, or listen to music and change our playlists, art remains steadfast, reminding us of our power and creativity. Reminding us of who we are and asking us who we want to be.

In acknowledgement of this unique power, Chivers has devised a new art order revolving around the ideas of democratization and accessibility. A kind of "ready-to-wear" for the art world. It is produced seasonally, like fashion, and with a back catalogue, like books and music.

Traditional art world thinking brings the highest quality art to the smallest number of people (higher quality equals higher prices equals more exclusive). Chivers' system is about bringing the highest quality art to the largest number of people, like we do with the distribution of music or movies. This has required the creation of a new category of art, "prêt à emporter".

This is a kind of art we can access in places that traditional art can't go. It is art that can reach us more easily; that can move beyond the classical sphere of museums and galleries (although it is available through select galleries too). These accessible artworks are "prêt à emporter" (ready to take away), meaning that more people can live with conceptual art and experience the joy of collecting. Thus the power of art extends further.

In his colette show, Blair Chivers offers us the opportunity to engage with his art in a hybrid setting. Between the shop space and the adjoining gallery, the artist will present a new range of work: art editions curated by Each x Other, t-shirts from his Each x Other fashion collaboration, Gooey iPhone cases, and a special Each x Other / colette DJ slipmat. The artist will also be partaking in several "Art Meets Fashion" silk-screening performances throughout the exhibition, where shoppers can engage directly with his creative practice. Each of Blair's works supports his belief in the power of the mind and emotion. They provide the chance to engage with the benefits of art collecting and support the idea that the time has come for a broader and more democratic art world to take shape.

About Blair Chivers
Blair Chivers is a Canadian artist who lives and works in Toronto. His works offer us a new way of thinking about art - a system that bridges the exclusivity of conceptual art and the accessibility of art merchandise. The artist promotes the idea that visual art is immensely valuable, not only for our culture and our collective identity, but in order to expand our capacity for creativity and increased wellbeing.

About Each x Other
Each x Other acts as a magnetic point, drawing artists from the four corners of the world into an ever-growing creative community. Following the principle of a publishing house, EACH x OTHER produces limited edition artworks, fashion, books and design objects. In tandem with the Blair Chivers exhibition at the colette gallery in April, EACH x OTHER will present a new series of Artist Multiples alongside its Fashion collection, inspired by Chivers's work. EACH x OTHER's core ethos of "Art meets Fashion" has always sought to democratize art, making it accessible for a wider audience. With the launch of the "Art meets Fashion" editions at colette, customers can buy a signed and numbered art piece for a comparable price to an item of clothing.

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Vernissage de Blair Chivers "Life is Great"
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Date: Tuesday, April 5, 2016
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