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Finissage de Lisa Sharp & Wendy Kelly "unmake / make / nouer / dénouer"

Exhibition: 31 March - 23 April 2016
Opening: Wednesday 30 March 6-8pm
Hours: 13 - 19, Thurs - Sat

Through a performative weaving activity during the exhibition, Lisa intends to explore the notions of making/displaying painting by bringing together activity/object within the space of the gallery.
Lisa is a Malaysian-born Australian artist, writer and curator. She currently lives and works in Sydney. These paintings are about painting.
These works are about the material language and presence of painting. Painting is at once action, object and history. Using a reductive and experimental approach to traditional materials and the familiar form of a rectilinear plane on a wall, with every action in the process of its making made visible, these paintings are expressive of the unmaking and making of support, surface and paint.

Secretive, almost guilty, collections and the dismembering of old books in foreign languages (languages that I do not understand) forms the basis of these collaged works on paper. The beauty of the patched rhythm of the various texts is rendered unreadable by a veil of torn rice paper, together with watercolour, soil or graphite, and is a gesture towards thoughts concerning the complexity of communication and the perils of misunderstanding.
Location: Factory 49 Paris Pop Up
122, rue Amelot
75011 Paris
M° Filles du Calvaire, Oberkampf
Phone : (+61 2) 9572 9863
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Date: Wednesday, April 20, 2016
Time: 18:30-20:00 CEST

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