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Vernissage d'Antoine Renard "BLACK DANCE"

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Du 13 mai au 25 juin 2016
Vernissage le jeudi 12 mai de 18 à 21h

Cyborgslayer404d 6 seconds ago
Lol damn I think Peacekeeper76 is a hardcore animist.

Peacekeeper76 5 seconds ago
+Cyborgslayer404d LIES! SLANDER AND LIES!

Thomson Nguyen 1 second ago
+Peacekeeper76 The Hegemony has Mech Walkers?

Jake Mapping 8 minute ago (edited)
Hey Peacekeeper After your down with the New work can you do the Rise of the Hae like how it Began?

Exploding Hippo 7 minutes ago
+Jake Mapping I agree he should make this.

Shana Banerjee 3 minutes ago
and why the hell is india with EU:). It should be with Peru

Luis Aranda 2 minutes ago
Amazonia would never fall we will all die before it goes...

Peacekeeper76 5 minutes ago
In my storyline 3/4ths of the total population of mankind dies.

Tony Brown 3 minutes ago
It's a hypothetical scenario. It's for entertainment. Don't watch it if you don't like it.

Law Viktor 3 minutes ago
Fight against the IELTS and PTE!!! We don't want PY!!

gatteo86 5 minutes ago
I knew French would have been the worst...

Frank Fish 5 minutes ago
I forgot to ask. How does a holy Animist empire ever form. You think the Chinese, Russians, Europe, America, Africa, India, and any nation really would destroy them early on.

jsloa55 5 minutes ago
Go to his website, and check out the timeline

Peacekeeper76 5 minutes ago
The hae formed during the Second Great Depression when the Mideast fell into civil war as the money dried up from petroleum and the global economy tanked in the west. A particular group led by a smart ruthless shaman who claimed to be forming the Hegemony slowly takes control of more and more territory. That is until he has more land than IELTS. Over the years with the world distracted by depression he expands until the hae is too powerful to do anything. Because the hae had no oil and western incompetence the west didn't try to stop it. Eventually China shopping for allies in its coming war befriends the hae.
In the end the rise of the hae is almost similar to the rise of isis
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Frank Fish 5 minutes ago
@peacekeeper76 that's well thought out, but with out foreign aid from the western nations and China, how would the HAE be able to support its self? No infrastructure, farmland, devolved territory's. You can't support a country with out infrastructure and food.

Peacekeeper76 5 minutes ago
+Frank Fish the HAE wouldn't have become as powerful without outside help, before and up until the time the HAE turned on the Hegemony (it doing so out of religious reasons) the Chinese and cfr poured billions into the hae infrastructure/war making capabilities. It did so to help its "ally" become stronger for the war against the allies. Food was always an issue after the nuclear exchange in 2060 and billions will starve from it but the armies of the world used two methods to help Alleviate it's hunger issue. Synthetic food and human harvesting. Since the population was so large and the deaths so frequent enemy soldiers were often harvested for their meat, organs, blood and water.
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Vernissage d'Antoine Renard "BLACK DANCE"
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