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Vernissage d'Amarie Bergman "Aqua VoVo"

The essence of summer cannot be replicated but an allusion can be realized through a suite of constructions featuring white, with its inherent lightness, three pink tints and the clarity of lemon yellow.

Factory 49 (Sydney) is pleased to present Aqua VoVo at its Paris Pop Up. An intimately defined area was made within the gallery by closing the translucent, sliding glass screen. The square shape of this tri-partite floor-to-ceiling divider not only has set up the catalyst for work by Amarie Bergman but also acts as an inclusive yet autonomous element. Aqua VoVo, a playfully melded title, refers to the screen's colour combined with part of the name of a favourite Australian biscuit and its triple linear design. Uniting various geometric forms with complexities of edited, yet invisible, 'thought' layers results in a site-specific space having reductivity and sensory uniqueness.

Aqua VoVo opens on 20 July from 6-8pm at Factory 49 Paris Pop Up: 122 Rue Amelot Paris 75011. Gallery hours are 1-7pm Thursday to Saturday. The exhibition continues until 13 August 2016.

Selected Australian artists are showing their work in Paris as part of a series of nine exhibiting residencies, in collaboration with European artists.

Factory 49

Exhibition: 21 July - 13 August 2016
Vernissage: Wednesday 20 July, 18 - 20 hrs
Hours: 13 - 19, Thurs - Sat

Vernissage d'Amarie Bergman "Aqua VoVo"
Amarie Bergman, Finite Volumes in Infinite Space - Lemon (partial view) 2016, acrylic, seven 9cm cubes and two oblongs (9 x 6 x 9cm; 9 x 3 x 9cm), photography by Sean Davey
Location: Factory 49 Paris Pop Up
122, rue Amelot
75011 Paris
M° Filles du Calvaire, Oberkampf
Phone : (+61 2) 9572 9863
Mail :
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Date: Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Time: 18:00-20:00 CEST

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