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Vernissage de l'exposition collective "Sights of Evolution"

18 août - 28 août

VERNISSAGE jeudi 18/08 de 18h à 22h30
+ 18/08 CONCERT irk yste
+ 19/08 CONCERT herschel zufall
+ 20/08 DJ c.réactance

The group exhibition "Sights of Evolution" presents the artworks of five artist from France, Germany and China. The photos, sculptures and installations were especially chosen regarding the issues nature, life and civilisation to open indirectly a very actual discussion about the relationship between human and nature. After all, it shall be an offer to the audience to reflect sights of evolution.

FRANCOIS JACOB is a french artist from Paris, mainly working in black and white with photography and painting. For that exhibition his photographic snowscapes are chosen to create an atmospherical frame, surrounding. These night shot prints present artificial landscapes, where a deep impact of nature meets structures of civilisation - almost peaceful with a kind of eternal silence. This rendezvous is strong by the absence of human being itself.

Similar in topic, but with a slightly different effect, are the coloured images by JULIA SCORNA, that represent the inner frame of the narration. This german artist is searching for the dialogue between civilisation and nature as well: The natural and surrounded green, limited by architecture. While in Jacobs work nature is covering marks of human existence, here nature just can exist under the requirements made by human being. This double frame, black and white and coloured, is leading to the sculptural scene, allegorising the fauna aspect of evolution.

MICHAËL CAMELLINI, also a french artist from Paris, found an abstract way to describe wildlife needs and offers therewith a basical reflection of (wild) life in general. His animal sculptures refering to well known animal shapes. The clear and transparent way of their construction, made of wood and cotton, reminds on robotor structures or science-fictional visions. A group of this sculptures will further more symbolize the intuitive needs of life: security and movement - essential for survival.

The chinese photographer CAUCASSO LEE JUN documenting life among millions, and millions of people. In the same way he is doing that so poetically in creating an almost fragil vision of reality. His handmade prints appear as a kind of scientific research for the so important and human characterizing soul.

The last position of CHIRISTOPH HÖFFERL will offer the missing link between flora and fauna. As a musician he is focusing on the communication by sound. In cooperation with a Pilea Peperomioides, or a Chinese Money Plant, he traces the acustical expression of plants.

Vernissage de l'exposition collective "Sights of Evolution"
Location: L'Amour
24, rue Molère
93170 Bagnolet
M° Mairie des Lilas
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Date: Thursday, August 18, 2016
Time: 18:00-22:30 CEST

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