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Vernissage de l'exposition "The Next Event and Its Content"

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"The Next Event and Its Content"
An event is not an exhibition.
Its modern definition might include, among other acceptations, a confined human gathering which, through its very factually turns the original "unnamed situation" into the above mentionned "event". The month of October in Paris is full of events. And they all happen at the same time. In order to concentrate the efforts, in order to create a "synergy", in order to focus as much attention as possible, in order to create a major meta-event at the scale of the City. In such a reasoning, numbers matter. 5 shows presenting 39 participants in 1 place through 5 organizers.
We mention this for communication's sake but is it better to write nothing or to write about nothing? For some reason we use words we don't like to describe what we love doing. We probably learned from the entertainment industries.
That said, we are sincerely happy to have you gather with us around Exhibitions and Artists that have no connections one to another besides the trust and belief we have in the curators that brought them together.
Real texts about each exhibitions follows.
And of course Food by Chef Augustin Greneche and drinks by Ricard will be served, and we will happily gather.

"Big Toe, Giant Step."
with Tamara Henderson, Julian Hou, Walter Scott
curated by Jesse R. Mckee for 221A, Vancouver
A bit of the Canadian Riviera's escapism, mixed with that base materialism that Bataille loves. Walter Scott's heavy boots on the walls, Tamara Henderson's keep on truckin' kinda sculpture The Phase of the friar (2014) and Julian Hou's shoegazing and vapour waving tracks with a fabric hanging hitting you like a dimple in your day. It's about that part of your body you usually only look at when sitting in the bath...while thinking do I really need to cut my toenails again? You don't, you go on letting your mind wander, soaking in the hot water a bit longer.
221A is a cultural center in Vancouver's Chinatown. We're tired of artistic programs that make us feel like bad citizens.
Jesse R. Mckee

"Our Tongues Are The Replaceable Filaments"
A soloshow by Kira Freije, curated by Stella Bottai
Building upon her recent body of work presented at London's Royal Academy Schools in June, Kira Freije's new solo exhibition stages a disjointed narrative of anthropomorphic, figurative sculptures alongside freestanding, text based work.
Not one motif can be ascribed to Our Tongues Are The Replaceable Filaments - an exhibition thrown together out of the confusion between animate and inanimate parts. The works altogether establish a theatrical act of collision between idleness and effort, resulting in a humorous saturation of narrativising signifiers and, equally, inert meanings.
Stella Bottai

with Jonathan Binet, Nicolas chardon, Nicolas roggy, We Are The Painters, Sylvie Fanchon, Aurelien Porte, Bastien Cosson, Karina Bisch, Maxime Baron, Josquin Gouilly-Frossard, Julien Monnerie, Corentin Canesson, Emile Vappereau, Romain Poussin.
curated by Bastien Cosson for PALETTE TERRE, Paris
Palette Earth exists since January 2014. We are celebrating our 27th exhibition today. The strength of the gallery is a personal exhibition every month. Solos, Paintings.
Except for « Debauche » (Debauchery). For this particular invitation, far from our walls, our floors, our balcony; we wanted to meet once again as if it was to picture ourselves for an Art History book. Fourteen painters holding the pose, proudly.
We invited these fourteen Artists that went through PALETTE TERRE to paint collectively. At four, six, eight hands, during a Day of chats, work, drinks and smokes.
Bastien Cosson

video box with Anna Belguermi, Meriem Bennani, Arash Nassiri, Samir Ramdani. Selected by Anatole Barde and Neil Beloufa
A program of videos, by artists that we like, and who work a lot.
Their films have something to do with fiction, and with documents, and with everything that films have to do with. They have something to do with identity, for sure, but not only the one implied by the names of their authors. They have something to do with language, with the Pop and the American representations. They have something to do with our own representation. Something blurry, something good.
The title of the program misdirects its content, the same way the films shoot out from the conventions they look at and start from. It also feels important today to think that a name or an image "from somewhere" doesn't imply that there is nothing else to talk about.
Neil Beloufa

"That Cool Decline"
With: Martine Aballéa, BABY DOC, Julie Béna, Nina Childress, Jagna Ciuchta, Marie-Michelle Deschamps, David Horvitz, Jiří Kovanda, Agnieszka Polska, Jean-Charles de Quillacq, Céline Vaché-Olivieri, Benjamin Swaim, Jo-ey Tang, France Valliccioni
curated by Emilie Renard and Barbara Sirieix.
To (kind of) resist a bit the idea of an ongoing entertainment and undermine the value of the new (event), we decided to keep the previous show Oeil De Lynx et Tete De Bois - at least parts of it. And make its decline evolve among the others, to mark its passing through the space, to give him a second life.
Location: Villejuif
94800 Villejuif
M° Villejuif - Louis Aragon, Villejuif - Paul Vaillant-Couturier, Villejuif - Léo Lagrange
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Date: Sunday, October 16, 2016
Time: 16:00-19:00 CEST

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