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Startups - corporate partnerships : myth or reality?

An informal conversation on the myth and realities of startups/corporate collaborations

What can large enterprises learn from startups and vice versa? What defines a successful collaboration between the two? What are the challenges and the hard realities of such collaborations?

Whether you are a startup CEO looking to scale, a mature enterprise looking at building an ecosystem or an open innovation consultant, join the first event hosted by ZX.YCN in Paris on November 21st! You will hear and share stories while drinking beer with an eclectic panel of startup CEOs and innovation heads from large enterprises.

YCN founder Nick Defty will moderate the conversation between the audience and panel members preceeding an evening of informal networking at Numa, a startup accelerator that is a ground for collaboration between startups and large enterprises since 2011.

This event is brought to you by ZX.YCN, a combined venture between Zx ventures and YCN.

Zx ventures a global group of designers, technologists and marketers backed by Anheuser-Busch InBev to examine the digital commerce opportunities of tomorrow.

YCN is a curated, creative network that helps creatively minded people and organisations to make relevant new connections, to learn and to do.


John Vary, Innovation Head at John Lewis
Working within the UK based retailer with over 150 years history, John has successfully launched an incubator JLAB - now into its third year. John has seen first hand the value of inviting start ups inside; and in creating the cultural conditions for partnership to be effective.

Hugo Schleicher, Head of Sales at Storefront (ex-Pop Up Immo)
Hugo is in charge of the business consolidation and expansion of Storefront, the global leading platform for short-term rental of commercial spaces. Storefront recently merged with Pop Up Immo - its european competitor - bringing together the two largest and most adroit marketplaces for short-term retail space.

Armel Tricaud, co-founder of Show-Roomer

A solution that help webmerchant reassuring their customers by enabling the customers to talk to a user of the product before buying it. Our key feature is that we set up a demonstration/presentation of the product at the user's house. With our technology, webmerchant don't need to have a physical shop and they involve their customer base.

Claudio Vandi, Head of Innovation at NUMA
Claudio contributed to the development of Open Innovation in France: with the first User Experience laboratory dedicated to startups (2011), the first Open Data Hackathons (2012) and more recently Open Innovation programs (Data Shaker Media Explore,, Digital Industry) and Intrepreneurship programs (NumaShift).

Fivos Maniatakos, CEO & Co-founder at Sensewaves
Fivos co-founded Sensewaves, an analytics platform that makes connected assets smarter by transforming raw sensor data into meaningful insights. Sensewaves is one of the winners of the program Data City, through which they collaborated with Setec on making buildings smarter.
Location: NUMA, par Silicon Sentier
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Date: Monday, November 21, 2016
Time: 19:00 CET

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