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Vernissage de Lasse Schmidt Hansen "Exhibitions"

Vernissage le 26 novembre 18.00 - 20.30
26 Novembre - 14 Janvier 2017

Exhibitions is the second solo presentation at the Eric Hussenot Gallery by Lasse Schmidt Hansen. The exhibition is a collection of several new productions made specifically for it. All the works are evocative of his own approach to the exhibition process.

Exhibitions is the title of the work for which the exhibition is named. The work consists of two glass top tables with arranged and rearranged images taken in the gallery space at an earlier stage of preparation when the placement of exhibits had not yet been determined. Areas on the walls and floor marked with tape point out various alternate versions of the exhibition, hinting that what is now on display could have turned out differently. In this case activities preceding the exhibition become material for the content of the piece. They are like a documentation of something that could have been or of an activity that can longer be seen.

Untitled Epson Paper is likewise a series related to photography. Trimmed fragments of unexposed photo paper are put in frames in a more or less organized way. These are the edges that surround or come after a printed image. Flexibility is a characteristic of photo paper, and not being mounted allows the paper to bend and curl inside the frame. Being loose inside the frames also means that the works are sensitive to movement, and they may change when transported and eventually look different. While strictly using the medium of photography, in a sense the work hints at what's outside the image. It also engages a dialogue between intangibility and fleetingness, intentionality and permanence, which are concepts at the core of photography.

In the mezzanine a version of Dismantled Molleton is on view. The work consists of a collection of used pieces of black cloth (molleton) collected from different places like art institutions, galleries, theaters, film and photo sets. In art institutions, it is mainly used to obstruct light sources and to create invisibility in the galleries. However, it can also be used for black boxes or wall coverings allowing the pieces to relate to different architectures, windows, doorways, walls, etc. Hansen displays the pieces of fabric on the floor, folded in various fashions, showing how they were stored initially. Some clues remain as to their original function - such as staples, pieces of duct tape, missing corners - and are evocative of various architectures. Placed in a new context these pieces become displayed matter or dark objects, and their former function is now only partially definable.

For the duration of the exhibition the gallery will maintain the exhibited pieces in an arrested state- simultaneously displaying stages of construction, reorganization and disintegration. Exhibitions though, is a temporary exhibition where eventually the individual exhibits are replaced by the works of another exhibition and are subsequently moved to other places into new contexts. Themes like the momentary and the changeable or the circumstantial and the invisible run throughout most of Lasse Schmidt Hansen's productions.

Lasse Schmidt Hansen was born in 1978 in the City of Albertslund outside Copenhagen. He attended the Funen Art Academy from 2000 to 2003 and St├Ądelschule in Frankfurt between 2003 and 2006. Since then his work has been exhibited numerous times internationally such as Reinhard Hauff, Stuttgart, 2015; Christian Andersen, Copenhagen, 2014; MUDAM, Luxembourg, 2015; Kunsthalle Wien, 2014 and Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, 2014.

He currently lives and works in Berlin and Copenhagen.

Vernissage de Lasse Schmidt Hansen "Exhibitions"
Location: Galerie Hussenot
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Date: Saturday, November 26, 2016
Time: 18:00-20:30 CET

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