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Vernissage de Leo Gabin "Hurt so good"

I've been kind of busy the last couple of months, kind of doubting myself
not sure what I wanted, a lot has happened
and it's just kind of hard, so I feel like... I should be real with you guys
so today I'm just coming at you
with something to drink, wearing my PJs, it's late at night
I got off work and I came home after crying my whole way home
and I just feel like there's a lot of change going on in my life right now
and it's turning out harder then I thought, I thought I would be able to talk...
I don't know how people go through breakups and they just seem so fine
I use social media to kind of express my feelings and I have seven hundred followers
so I have kind of gotten to the point where they're like "shut up, this happens, you're young"
and I understand that.... it's just... I barely got an explanation
I gave my all, I thought he was the one
why don't I get to know the reasons?
what did I do wrong? I don't think I did anything wrong
I have been the same person that I've been this whole time
I don't know... I'm just not the person for him
I know I will find someone else someday, but I don't know if I'll get the same respect that I was getting
and I'm scared, I'm scared to trust someone else
I'm scared of it being different
I want to keep myself busy, I think the most important thing I could do right now, is keep myself busy
and keep myself surrounded by people
I cried at work tonight
I really think I wouldn't, I thought I wouldn't have
work is one of the places that I could go and be like numbed
I just like working and hopefully I won't be crying so much as time goes on
I feel like my life is destined to change right now
and nothing can stop that
but it just amazes me how the person I was with for two-and-a-half years
one day decided that he needed to disregard my feelings
and be with his best friend's girlfriend
I never expected him to betray a friend like that
so thank you for listening to me
if you want to follow me, go ahead
if not, that's fine
I wouldn't know if I'd would follow myself
I mean... everybody has problems

Vernissage de Leo Gabin "Hurt so good"
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