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Open studio de Nicoline van Stapele

Atelier 8312 - Cité internationale des arts

Many bridges to cross

Nicoline van Stapele présente son projet Many bridges to cross, une peinture réalisée à pied le long de la Seine à Paris.

"A satisfaction survey in painting, while crossing the bridges.

Searching a way in colours, walking from quarter to quarter.

Going out of a bright undercoat in acrylic, to a smooth finishing touch in oil paint.

And whether or not, it is overkill or overpaint.

This survey in painting aims to uncover a creative process.

Or is at least an attempt to discover what is the basis of creating.

Walking is for me the best way to move and think.

Connecting time, history and area.

To cut a long way short, come and see.

The first step in a growing installation, from dust to dawn."

Nicole van Stapele (Belgique, Pays-Bas) est en résidence à la Cité internationale des arts par le biais de la Vlaamse Gemeenschap.

Open studio de Nicoline van Stapele
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Date: Monday, December 11, 2017
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