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Vernissage de l'exposition "Rembrandt à Paris"

Vernissage le 10 avril 2018, ouverture à 18:30
Du 10 avril au 15 avril de 13h à 20h

Antiek Tattoo Studio is located in the last known residence of Dutch master painter Rembrandt. For this reason he will inspire the work we create and it is an opportunity for us to pay homage to this great artist, and take him to a beautiful and artistic city like Paris. In this exhibition you can see original pieces of art focusing on and inspired by the man himself.

We are three different artists with varying backgrounds and styles, so our interpretations will not be the same. This will be apparent as you view the exhibition. We love that whilst our work will differ, the underlying subject will be clear. Our gratitude to this man and the imprint he left on the world is one thing we hope to express.

Johe Van Der One Details

Johe Van Der One (Jorge Hernaiz Inigo). Roots in the Basque Country, born in 1983 in Valencia, Spain. Currently based in Amsterdam. His influences have always been street art, graffiti and the works of famous expressionist and abstract artists such as Anselm Kiefer, Picasso, Jonone and Karen Appel. He has been an active graffiti artist and painter for 22 years and a tattoo artist for roughly half this time. He studied at the School of Arts and Crafts in Valencia. Today he becomes a part of Rembrandt's story as he works in Antiek Tattoo Studio Amsterdam, which is based in the last known residence of the famous Dutch painter. Rivoli presents Johe's collection of works in his favoured medium; painting.

Anibal Details

Anibal was originally born in Buenos Aires, with both Spanish and Italian roots. He attended the Manuel Belgrano National School of Fine Arts because he was passionate about painting and testing new materials. Rebellious from a young age, he left school before graduating and began his artistic career. He was accepted into film animation and later devoted himself to music for a number of years. Soon after this he was presented with the opportunity to tattoo and so he left a career as a recording technician for the tattoo machine, which up until then was just a hobby. In 1996 he started tattooing in a studio in Buenos Aires and it became his full-time profession until the present day. He likes to paint and experiment with new ideas and concepts. His favourite styles are Asian, Oriental and Japanese using materials he feels comfortable with in his work such as inks and watercolours. He is an active tattooist and owner of Antiek Tattoo Parlour in Amsterdam.

Aivis Details

Aivis Kleinhofs Prusis, 26 years old. He originally comes from Latvia! He is currently working as a full time tattoo artist at Antiek Tattoo Amsterdam. Before coming to Amsterdam, he graduated from the Liepajas Art and Design school in Latvia.While studying in art school, he was mostly focused on human anatomy, but since he began tattooing he started working in different styles, with different subjects, while mainly focusing on a realistic and illustrative style. He works with mixed mediums which include acrylics, pencils and markers. He is inspired by artists like Kelvin Okafor, Ryan Hewett and Michael Hussar.

Vernissage de l'exposition "Rembrandt à Paris"
Location: 59Rivoli
L'Aftersquat - Collectif d'artistes « Chez Robert, électrons libres »
59, rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris
M° Châtelet
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Date: Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Time: 18:30-21:00 CEST

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