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Vernissage de Pia Camil "They"

Exposition jusqu'au 21 juillet 2018

They's Tunic
They walk backwards towards us.
They are carrying something. But we cannot see what. They block our view.
Then they turn halfway, distracted.
They have dropped the thing. And so we realize it is bread with marmalade. Red sticky marmalade. Blood thick.
Soggy with marmalade, the bread plops on the floor, smearing on their tunic on its way down.
Trajectories and traces. The imprints of living in the world.
They feel like a stranger in the world today.
They are absent-minded.
They suck their index finger. Clean clean.
They try to catch the marmalade on the tunic with their fingers and nails, wipe it clean.
They eat what's left over on their fingers.
They smudge.
They are sticky. They look around, as if to see if anyone's watching, suddenly self-conscious. Or maybe it's just a reflex. The inevitable after-shadow of a performance, a performer's nervous tick.
Satisfied in their privacy, they then put the tunic in their mouth and eat the red marmalade off it.
They suck the stain
They are making a mess.
Their mouth is full of it.
They are vampire. They gobble. They can't help themself.
They stretch, like a cat before a nap and after eating a bird. Mischief.
They try to pry a seed out of their teeth with their pinky nail.
They licks their mouth, feline. Then they smack their tongue. A proud child.
They are many-in-one.
They preen.
They are back in the world again. No longer a stranger to themself or the surroundings.
They walk around the blob on the floor, grabbing their tunic as if it were to get any more stains on it.
They finally looks at us, almost provocatively- a dare ?
Starts sucking their fingers one by one.

"They's Tunic" is part of split wall (2018) a 5 scene video installation with Alberto Perera as They. Script by Gabriela Jauregui. Camara, sound, editing and post production by Cristian Manzutto / Estudio de produccion. Set design and costume by Chavis Marmol and Kristin Reger. Video produced by Nottingham contemporary museum with the support of Norman Christianson.

Vernissage de Pia Camil "They"
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